Care instructions

All the Lia B pieces are nickel and lead free. I strive to use high-quality, natural, sustainable materials. The jewelry is mainly made from brass, with a coat of Renaissance wax to make them more protective and longer-lasting.

Taking good care of your brass and jewelry will keep it shinier, longer. Wearing it often tends to keep it looking its best but here’s what to do when you must part with it momentarily:


1. Never shower with your brass jewelry on! Water, especially city water, can be harsh on metals. This goes for swimming too!
2. Put your jewelry on after you apply lotions, perfume, make-up and other beauty products. The chemicals in these products can react with the metals, potentially changing their color and finish.
3. Avoid storing your brass jewelry in the bathroom. Remember, brass + humidity = tarnish.
4. When you aren’t wearing your piece often, store it in the linen cotton bag provided or plastic, air-tight bag, separately from your other jewelry.
5. LOVE your jewelry! When you’re buying quality, handmade pieces, take special care of them. Treat them with respect. And if you ever have questions about your piece, email me.