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Lia B is contemporary Galician design where each piece is handcrafted by me at my studio. Experimental design studio where timeless pieces of jewellery, textiles and lifestyle objects are developed through the use of different materials.

Unique collections for design lovers and minimal life

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Curious and restless mind, I was always surrounded by a creative environment. My first memories take me to my grandfather’s workshop, set designer by profession and creative at heart. From his days at the cinema making set designs in the 50’s – 60’s , besides his stories I keep an indelible memory of my afternoons playing with my sister between materials, fabrics, stones and wood.

Curiosity led me to travel to Edinburgh where I discovered my passion at the jewellery courses that I attended during evenings while I studied Textile design.

Passionate about textures and colors, this experimentation led me to develop my first jewellery collections, where small textile collections and decorative objects would be added later on.

Always subtle, elegant and timeless, inspired by simplicity of forms in nature.

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